Clive's commitment to art has been lifelong

He  won a local art competition at age eight, and a regional schools competition age 16.  He went on to train as a graphic designer at Bristol and London College of Printing.  

He has produced illustration work for promotional print and design, books, packaging and greetings cards.  Some illustration work has been widely seen, with distribution, in some cases to more than 22 different countries.  Two of Clive's poster designs were displayed on Royal Yacht Britannia.

Over a long period, Clive has sold paintings through  exhibitions and private commissions.

Clive's work thrives on feelings of harmony, optimism, tranquility and calm,
qualities which in today's world are often in short supply.

Sometimes there is an underlying gentle sense of humour in the paintings.
These feelings are visualised in a quirky parallel world of sunsets . Landscapes
and semi-abstracts.
Is there an implied narrative in the paintings? Possibly there is but that is for the viewer to decide.